Swigart Cattle Photography specializes in working closely with cattle producers to make their cattle promotion as stress-free as possible.  Swigart has 10+ years of photography and marketing experience with some of North America’s most successful cattle operations. Call today to schedule a date to effectively capture and promote your livestock.


There are so  many aspects to raising and promoting quality cattle and to be successful at it, they all need to work. For the past 3 years we have been able to effectively complete the marketing cycle with the services of Swigart Cattle Photography. Adam Swigart understands cattle promotions and has the keen eye to get the natural pose at the correct angle that even our customers believe depicts the cattle accurately and yet to their benefit. And during the same photo session, Swigart Cattle Photography is able to complete a quality video with the right mixture of movement and views that posts to our sale website and allows our viewers the opportunity to get a more vivid understanding of each sale consignment or promotional individual. That same video becomes the format for our video auction so in one clean sweep we are able to attain our catalog picture, our website promotional video, and of course the sale day video auction. How do you beat that!

Swigart Cattle Photography represents quality promotional work and we consider them to be a critical and important part of our team.

Curt Rincker – Shelbyville, Illinois